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The Tyrolean Traverse

The challenge is to get the whole team across a stream, gorge or other natural obstacle!  Where practicable I also involve the team in helping tension the main Tyrolean rope using pulleys.  Ideally, with little other than instruction on fitting harnesses and helmets the groups can be left to work out for themselves how to get across and off, or across and back.  They'll be given some additional equipment, a basic brief and sometimes a time limit.  It's particularly good if time allows for them to have a second go and put into place all the lessons they learned doing it the first time!

Roller Ball

Teams have sections of tubing and have to transport a ball across a set course and into a bucket.  If they drop the ball  it's back to the start, and of course while they have the ball they cannot run, walk or move!  A simple conveyor belt system is all that is required...….

Disappearing Island  (on the left...)

Teams, two or more, are given a sheet, and they are tasked with making their 'island' as small as possible without any one of the team falling off or placing a foot outside.  A good icebreaker...…

The Log Lift

Given a set of logs and pieces of rope, the teams are simply challenged to build a structure that would enable them all to get  a minimum of 30 cm (a foot in old money) off the ground.


Tube Dash

Really just a relay race, although they do have to pass through a thin rope loop hanging a short distance off the ground.  Not as easy as it sounds...……