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The Night Line

Teams have to negotiate a course, perhaps over rough ground, through trees or around obstacles, simply by following a rope to guide them.  They are however blindfolded and don't know where the course will lead them!   Again, very much tailor made to the group.  There could be a designated leader who is not blindfolded and who 'guides' the team with instructions, or the lead person has to relay back messages to those following (and who themselves are in a chain linked to those in front and behind).   Great for building confidence and learning the importance of giving clear instructions!

Sheep & Shepherd

Teams have to nominate a member as the shepherd, who is subsequently armed with a whistle and then has to guide his or her sheep into a pen.  They are however blindfolded.  Simple, clear and easily understood whistle commands make it a straightforward task!

Grass Skiing

Again having a designated leader helps! 

As does a bit of coordination......

There are many other activities and challenges that can also be offered and built into a 'Team Building & Problem Solving' day.  It is all very adaptable to your needs, as well as the weather and venue!  If you would like more detail about the activities, or to discuss venue options and costing, please contact  Paul Robinson using the link.