Approved Activity Provider

The Expedition section must be delivered either directly by Operating Authorities, through their own licence and staff/volunteers, or through an Approved Activity Provider (AAP).  As an AAP, I am licensed by the DofE to offer support to schools or other organisations that need help in delivering the Expedition section of the award (on foot, and in the UK).  


I specialise in helping groups and Directly Licenced Centres (DLC's) where they perhaps need support in getting up and running as a new unit, or where there is a shortfall perhaps of experience within existing teams.  It can be short term or long term help, and given my Mountain Leader and instructor background I can help train staff  with a view to units becoming more self sufficient in the future.  As already mentioned I can help with procedural development and structuring units in readiness for becoming a DLC.  I currently work with a number of schools with children who have learning or behavioural difficulties and particularly enjoy some of the challenges this brings.