Hill and Mountain Skills Courses

Paul Robinson - Outdoor Pursuits, trading as Rock and Roam, became an MLTE approved provider in 2014.  Paul, along with fellow instructor Mark Clarkson, went through a rigorous selection and training process to be selected to run  courses on behalf of Mountain Training (England) and successfully delivered one of the very first of their new Hill Skills courses!  


Paul and Mark have since gone on to develop their own more personalised  Hill and Mountain Skills courses for both individuals and small groups.  This was done so that courses could be run to best meet client needs, tailored very much to their experience, ambitions and preferences, without any constraints that come from delivering rigidly structured courses designed in part as a preliminary for progression onto Mountain Training qualification based Awards.  Our own  'Hill and Mountain Skills' courses may be based in the Cheviots, Lake District or area of your choice.  


These courses are designed as a practical introduction to the skills required to get started in either hill walking, or at a more advanced level, mountain walking.   They are intended to equip participants with the basic knowledge, essential safety skills and confidence to venture into the hills and mountains of the UK and progress into new and more demanding places.


A course based around 'Hill Skills' is aimed at the beginner hill walker and is ideal for those interested in developing a practical understanding of how to plan walks, become familiar with the use of a map, learn about the equipment required and also gain an understanding of the effects of weather, how to deal with emergencies and gain a valuable understanding of the upland environment. The course will be delivered in moorland terrain, such as in the Cheviots, but the skills will be transferable to similar areas throughout the UK.


A course based around 'Mountain Skills' is an ideal choice for walkers interested in applying their existing hill skills to the mountain environment.  Skills include map and compass work, mountain weather forecasting, movement through steep ground, planning and preparation, emergency procedures, seasonal effects and the mountain environment.  Courses needn't be constrained to summer conditions either, as elements of winter skills can be included if so desired.  The course may be delivered in the Lake District or Scotland depending on personal preference.

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