Team Building & Problem Solving Activities

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Sometimes run as part of an overall programme of Outdoor Adventure Activities (as in their own right they can be challenging and fun), but also run as specific sessions tailored to suit individual client groups.  In the context of 'Team Building & Problem Solving' activities are chosen that are designed to get groups working together, discussing ideas, practicing, failing, reviewing and succeeding!  Core skill development is all there - helping with personal confidence, discussing ideas, learning to listen and support one another, thinking through solutions, experimenting with ideas, and ultimately reviewing and evaluating performance.


Tailoring comes in the form of matching activities to the group but also in the delivery of the activities themselves, where the briefing, depth of challenge and amount of support provided will depend upon the group, their abilities and their objectives.


Great for children and adults alike.  I've worked with many school groups, often with learning and behavioural issues.  Adult groups too, principally in a corporate development context.  Sometimes just a fun away day with a pretext of 'management development' but also for a specific purpose, such as bringing new teams together, or for large companies helping improve communications where staff are perhaps geographically widespread.

The photo shows a Tyolean Traverse in action.  See the next page for detail about that and a few other ideas and suggestions.  There's a photo gallery too!